Terms of Reference
Operational plan preparation 2020 for ACWUA

1. Introduction
Sequa gGmbh, had been commissioned in April 2016 by the German Federal Ministry for cooperation and Economic Development (BMZ) to appraise a potential Chamber and business association Partnership Project of the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA), Based in Amman, and the German Water Partnership e.V. Based in

Water Scarcity in the MENA region is critical and sustainable water supply poses currently and in future a great challenge to all stakeholders. This is exacerbated by the actual refugee crisis and by the continuous population growth in all countries of the region. It requires technology and organizational development of the main
actors in the water supply chain.

Because of high relevance, the existing substance and the development potential of ACWUA on the one hand and comprehensive sector expertise and experience with the
management of water sector associations of GWP on the other hand, a cooperation project of ACWUA and GWP has been recommended by
a project assessment mission carried out in August 2016.

  • Activities of the project:
    • Improving strategic management and expanding the membership base.
    • Expansion and consolidation of the services offered to the main members group of utilities and enterprises.
    • Support for the establishment of national links,.
  • Indicators of the project:
    • ACWUA has acquired at least 50 companies as paying members, of which at least 50% are from the region.
    • ACWUA is continuing its strategic plans for the development of associations and services on an autonomous and professional basis, and regularly implements management tools such as business plan with an organizational structure, a stakeholder management concept, an annual plan for objectives and activities existing management tools, annual activity plans.
    • The association has a sustainable financing concept with a
      medium-term financial plan and annual financial plans
    • ACWUA Secretariat has submitted at least 3 project proposals submitted with at least two different donors.
    • At least 50 ACUWA members actively participate in the work of the association.

2. Objectives of the mission:
In order to assist ACWUA team in the preparation of 2020 Operational plan to support proper implementation of the Strategic Plan prepared for the years 2019-2023 and to assist in the institutionalization of the operational plan process.

3. Detailed scope of work

  • Assist ACWUA team in preparing guidelines for the operational plans.
  • Prepare together with ACWUA team the operational plans.
  • Assist each unit in the preparation of their budget.
  • Handout draft plans and final report.

4. Methodology and Deliverable s

a) Methodology

    • A consultant should assist ACWUA by preparing the guidelines for each unit operational plan.
    • A consultant shall work with ACWUA team and assist each unit in preparing their operational plans.
    • The Consultant shall assist each unit in preparing their budget for the year 2020.

b) Results and Deliverables

  • ACWUA staff will be familiar with the preparation of operational plans for each unit
  • The consultant will deliver:

A. Forms for the annual plans
B. Draft annual plans
C. Draft budget for 2020
D. Final report

5. Consultant’s Qualifications

  • University degree in finance, Accounting or related fields
  • At least five years of extensive working experience in financial and budgeting consultation preferably for water utilities and NGO’s working in the water sector
  • Excellent communication, training and reporting skills

Expected Start Date: Dec 29 2019
Expected End Date: Jan 31 2020

6. Application

Interested parties must submit the following documentation:

    1. A comprehensive curriculum vitae (certified copies of qualifications may be requested from successful
    2.  A detailed implementation plan/ technical proposal in accordance with the scope of work, expected outputs and
      deliverable s provided for herein.
    3. Financial Proposal that indicates all-inclusive fixed total contract price, supported by a breakdown of costs i.e. daily consultancy fee, flight tickets, accommodation

The deadline for submission of applications is 26 December 2020.
Applications can be submitted to [email protected]