Technical Working Groups


The main objective of the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association ACWUA is to establish a strong, global, self-sustainable Association of the water supply and/or sanitation utilities in Arab countries in order to assist the members to improve their performance in the delivery of water supply and sanitation services.

A key priority of this association is to initiate interdisciplinary Working Groups comprising qualified experts to deal with specific issues in different priority areas. In general, Working Groups shall help to perform the tasks of the association as stipulated in the association’s Charter.

These Guidelines provide the framework for the Working Groups. Nine Working Groups with several sub-groups shall contribute to ACWUA’s objectives:

1.    Management of Utilities

  • Cost Recovery
  • Non-Revenue Water
  • Water for the Poor
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Asset Management

2.    Capacity Building and Training

  • Training Strategy
  • Certification

3.    Management of Water Resources

  • Governance
  • Master Planning
  • Protection of Resources
  • Adaption to Climate Change
  • Integrated Water Resources Management


4.    Water and Health

  • Domestic Water Supply
  • Water Safety Plan

5.    Wastewater and Re-use

  • Wastewater Collection and Treatment
  • Sanitation Safety Plan

6.    Utilities’ Reforms

  • Autonomy/ Commercialization
  • Public-Public Partnership
  • Private-Public Partnership

7.    Benchmarking

8.    Public awareness

9.    Risk management for utilities (newly proposal)