Final version of TSM-Arab Guide for Water and Wastewater Facilities in the MENA Region


This new TSM-Arab version can be applied in all Arab countries, because the technical requirements for TSM-Arab was designed according to all standards, codes, laws, …ect in all target countries related to the Water facilities.

The Technical Sustainable Management TSM-Arab is a Quality Management System managed by the following stockholders:

  • ACWUA-WANT programme as financing and supervision of the programme 
  • The Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA)
  • The Holding Company for Water and Wastewater (HCWW) as a consultant of the programme
  • German International Cooperation GIZ.

TSM-Arab requirements aims at the development of Water and Wastewater facilities in the members countries of ACWUA to reach conformity with the Arab regulations, codes, laws and standards in fields of management of the following activities:

  • Human resources, 
  • Occupational Health and Safety, 
  • Operation, 
  • Maintenance and 
  • Quality Assurance.

To ensure sustainability of the programme, it was decided to split the technical team for two teams:

  • The first team will act as inspectors' team from HCWW, Jordan and Tunisia, which are qualified and licensed by GIZ, HCWW and ACWUA 
  • The second team will be responsible on preparation of the pilot facilities in both of Jordan and Tunisia.

The technical team collected all available Arab codes, regulations, laws and standards to issue the first version of TSM Arab requirements, and held several orientation workshops and visited the pilot facilities to promote and explain the concept of TSM Arab.

The technical team was established from the following countries:

  • Egypt (as a leader of the team due to the experience in application TSM Egypt)
  • Jordan (as a pilot countries to apply TSM Arab)
  • Tunisia (as a pilot countries to apply TSM Arab)
  • Algeria
  • Yemen and 
  • Palestine

The first version of TSM Arab will be ready to apply in all of the Arab countries that have similar laws and standards with assistance of the preparation team and will be inspected by the certified TSM-Arab inspectors.


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