Closing of TSM-Arab/ACWUA WANT Project and the certification of Zai WTP in Jordan and Ghdir El Gollah WTP in Tunisia


  • ACWUA-WANT programme as financing and supervision of the TSM-Arab implementation.
  • Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA)
  • Holding Company for Water and Wastewater (HCWW), Egypt as consultant of the programme
  • German International Cooperation GIZ.

TSM-Arab requirements aims at the development of Water and Wastewater facilities in the members countries of ACWUA to reach conformity to the Arabian regulations, codes, laws and standards in fields of management of the following activities:

  • Human resources,
  • Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Operation,
  • Maintenance and
  • Quality Assurance


Final Inspection at WTP-Zai on (17-12/Jan. 2016)

The pilot project in Jordan (Zai-WTP) has obtained the TSM-Arab certification on the 21 of January 2016. A big effort was done from the technical staff at Zai-WTP in cooperation with trainers from the HCWW via ACWUA support. The training of the Technical staff for TSM-Arab implementation was done by HCWW team in April 2015. Although the pilot Jordan is a big and old water facility in Jordan the Pilot team was able to cover the implementation of TSM-Arab at the WTP-Zai, with support of Miyahuna Company in Jordan.

Final Inspection at WTP-Ghdir Elgulah ST4 (10-15/Jan. 2016)

After final TSM-Arab inspection at Pilot Project in Tunis the WTP-Gahir Elgulah, ST4 Pilot-Tunis has obtained the WTP the TSM-Arab certification on 13 January 2016. It was successful team work to cover all points required for TSM-Arab implementation process in field of ((operation, maintenance, safety, quality and control, and human resources). The training of the Technical staff was at the End of October 2015, so in very short time a hard working was done by the technical staff at WTP-Ghadir elGullah ST4 and also a high support direct from the high manager of SONEDE, the CEO Mr. Dahech and Mr. Chairi the central director of production in SONED and also Dr. Nefzi the director of quality and control department in SONEDE (they were pushing the implementation process at the WTP with the project team and technical team at the pilot Tunis also Mr. Chairi and Nefzi were onsite with the team along with the last 2 months). Indeed this reflexes the good management structure and team working in SONEDE. This was a best example successful case study in TSM-Arab Implementation in the MENA region.
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