ACWUA, as a global center of excellence, will work in partnership with water and wastewater utilities in the Arab countries, on instituting best practices and on building capacities within a high-quality level.

 ACWUA is committed to provide all services with high quality, provide safe and healthy working conditions and to protect the environment, which will be achieved through the following:

  • Conform with the quality requirements and specifications in all ACWUA matters.
  • Provide health and safe working conditions.
  • Apply pro-active actions and procedures to eliminate hazards and reduce OHS risks to prevent injury and ill health.
  • Commitment to consultation and participation of employees regarding their health and safety.
  • Reduction of energy and water consumption.
  • Protect the environment and reduce the pollution resulted from ACWUA activities.

In addition, ACWUA is committed to meet all applicable legal and other requirements relevant to Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment.

ACWUA commitment will be achieved through continual improvement by planning and implementing specified and measurable QHSE objectives and to enhance members and other interested parties’ satisfaction.


Khaldon Hussein Khashman

ACWUA Secretary General