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Strategic Objectives

This section list key strategic objectives planned by ACWUA for the period 2019-2023, while the next section detail action plan and targeted indicators for each objective:

Expand ACWUA Members’ Knowledge Exchange

  1. Improve knowledge exchange with members through consulting activities for members or through partnerships with them using available knowledge/knowhow, ACWUA Tools (Non-Revenue Water, Technical Sustainable Management(TSM), Wastewater Treatment and Reuse, Energy Efficiency, Water Safety Plan, Benchmarking, comprehensive customer survey and any additional requirements for the members during the life of this Strategic Plan) and pool of experts working with/for at least 5 members by the year 2023.
  2. Build members’ capacity by preparing an annual training plan starting year 2020 (scheduled training) based on needs assessment outcomes and responding to new members’ training requests where funding is available using certified programs and training material, to be implemented through both E-learning and conventional training programs working with at least 7 members by the year 2023.
  3. Share outcomes with members through annual report, conferences reports (bi-annual), guidelines/manuals(at least 3 by the year 2023), operation members and outcomes of large projects implemented by ACWUA or members (at least 3 by the year 2023-if eligible projects available).

Improve Members’ Communication

4. Update the assessment of members needs annually from the year 2020 to accommodate their internal and external factors changes.

5.Continue the implementation of the ACWUA approved “Marketing Strategy & Communication Plan” to improve ACWUA marketing and members’promotion by the year 2023.

6.Expand members base by at least 20%with more focus on individuals and private sector in cooperation with member utilities.

7.Continuous networking through bi-annualArab Water Week, and partnership with members interested in organizing a thematic conference by sharing knowledge and experience.

8.Respond to members’utilities requests (or suggest) at least 3 twinning/match making activities by the year 2023 subject to funds availability.

9.Build an internal mechanism to connect ACWUA members from the private sector and utilities to transfer the knowledge and new business opportunities by the year 2021

Improve ACWUA Efficiency and Effectiveness

10. Expand pool of experts to cover 80%of key issues identified in members needs assessment in water and wastewater by the year 2023.

11.Update the organizational structure to accommodate current and future needs of ACWUA and its members in the year 2019.

12.Achieve cost recovery (Net Income adjusted for depreciation) by the year 2023 with a maximum of 10% variance(calculated based on net revenue) to assure sustainability.