MENA-GC stakeholder consultations (22-24 June)

MENA-GC stakeholder consultations (22-24 June)

Dear all,

Greetings from Cairo!

I hope you are doing great and getting ready for the upcoming MENA-GC stakeholder consultations (22-24 June). of the Two Degree Initiative (2DI)

I am sharing with you the FINAL program in the form of a booklet (attached here). This booklet comprehensively explains the different webinars of MENA-GC and also provides all the relevant links to each webinar.

Nevertheless, for your convenience, I have tabulated the 5 webinar links below. We have identified that MS-TEAMS is the best option available across all the countries in the MENA region. As such, we will be conducting all the webinars on MS-TEAMS. Thus, it is encouraged to have that software downloaded into your machine if you don’t have it already.

Day Time (CEST) Webinar Name Acronym Link
22 Jun 1300-1500 MENA-GC Kick-off Main Click


23 Jun 1100-1300 Climate Smart Value Chains Lift CSVC Click


23 Jun 1400-1600 Integrated Seed Systems Lift ISS Click


24 Jun 1100-1300 Early Warning Systems & Advisories Lift EWA Click


24 Jun 1400-1600 Water Assessment Accounting and Mgmt. Lift WAAM Click


If anyone wants to still register, please click the link here Click Here to Register

I remain at your disposal if you have any queries.

Looking forward to an exciting and productive webinar series on the future MENA’s AgriFood sector and discuss a solid plan to make it climate-smart (holistically) and make a real impact on the ground.

Thank you

Best regards


On behalf of the MENA-GC Committee and 2DI

Ajit Govind, PhD

Research Scientist (Climatologist)

International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

2 Port Said, Victoria Sq

Ismail El-Shaaer Building, Maadi, Cairo

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