Reliable quality water for Jordan – Benchmarking

Date: March 2014-November 2015


The reliable quality water for Jordan project is funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development “EBRD” under a grant agreement with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Water Authority of Jordan. The benchmarking project has been undertaken as a part of consultancy contract between The Water Authority of Jordan, and the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA).

The benchmarking project studied the current status of performance monitoring practices in the water sector in Jordan and implemented a benchmarking program for water services in Jordan, through introducing best practices in performance assessment and performance improvement measures. ACWUA in cooperation with various organizations have been carrying out capacity building programs in the Arab region for the past 6 years, working to increase and improve the capacity of Arab water utilities staff on water and wastewater management.

Objectives and results of the action:

The overall objective of the assignment is for ACWUA to ensure that the water utilities in Jordan operate at the highest level of efficiency. ACWUA will train the utilities in all aspects of benchmarking, resulting in increased transparency in the sector, and facilitating effective management tools for the member utilities.

The primary objectives of the assignment:

  • Review the benchmarking programme to date implemented by the Project Monitoring Unit (“PMU”) at the WAJ with a goal to ensure that going forward, benchmarking continues to be used as an effective managerial tool for reviewing the performance of operators in a transparent and non-politicised manner.
  • Support the enhancement of regional and national benchmarking programs; working closely with the Project Monitoring Unit (“PMU”) at the WAJ;
  • Establish a mechanism to ensure reporting discipline and quality of data;
  • Ensure that participating utilities in benchmarking activities are in line with best practice;
  • Assess opportunities for cross-border water partnerships between water operators in the region.

A. Knowledge sharing & exchange

There are 9 utilities participating in Jordan Water Services Benchmarking program which covering entire water service provision in Jordan (Miyahuna, Aqaba Water, Zarqa Water, Madaba Water, Ma’an Water, Yarmouk Water, Tafila Water, Karak Water and Balqa Water).

Type and scope of services:

B. Formation of a national benchmarking task force (TF)

C. Review of current national benchmarking activities to date

D. Implementing the benchmarking programme

  • Programme Planning
  • Orientation, Training and Programme control
  • Data Acquisition and Validation
  • Data Analysis and Assessment Reporting
  • Improvement Actions
  • Review of Improvement Actions

E. Capacity building

F. Develop a benchmarking framework manual (procedures manual)




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