Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association (BORDA)

Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association (BORDA)

BORDA e.V. (Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association) is a German non-governmental organisation, headquartered in Bremen with a network of local partner organisations in more than 20 countries worldwide. Since founded in 1977, BORDA is active in the fields of poverty alleviation, sustainable protection of natural resources and the develops, implements and disseminates decentralised sustainable technologies and social measures for water, wastewater, energy and waste. Currently BORDA is focusing on decentralized sanitation solutions for the poor in per-urban and urban areas. To increase access to improved sanitation, BORDA provides demand-oriented service packages including decentralised wastewater management solutions (DEWATS) and decentralised solid waste management (DESWAM). BORDA has regional offices in Tanzania, India, Jordan, Indonesia and México.BORDA is mainly supported by the Federal German Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Development (BMZ) and the Hanseatic City of Bremen.

Our vision integrates three main pillars “People. Innovating. Sanitation”. We aim at improving people’s livelihoods and care about the people affected by our work.  According to reports published by United Nations (UN), 2.4 billion do not have basic sanitation, nearly 1 billion people practice open defecation and an additional 2.1 billion people go without safely managed sanitation. Our people-centricity is a key quality of our work. Innovation, since 1977 we have been constantly adapting, creating and improving approaches, solutions, processes. We are aware of our changing environments. We treat each activity with “new standards”. However diverse our fields of activity are, sanitation remains our key expertise and track record. It is an important differentiator in the diverse sectors & contexts we are active in.


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