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ACWUA taking part in the World Water Week

September 1, 2013 - September 6, 2013
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The Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA) is taking a leading role in examining and presenting the best approaches available to improve the efficiency of the management, operation and maintenance of member utilities, and to exchanging expertise in developing standard operation and maintenance procedures and applications. Consequently, ACWUA initiated interdisciplinary Technical Working Groups (TWGs) comprising of qualified experts from ACWUA members to deal with utility issues in different high priority areas in the water and sanitation sector. The establishment of active TWGs is the main vehicle to achieve ACWUA’s overall long-term objective which is to improve the performance and service provision by water and sanitation utilities to end users in the Arab region. Seven topics formed the main TWG’s with different themes and subtopics.

ACWUA brings professionals in utilities from the Arab countries in a dialogue that extends across the borders within the Arab world, and which supports the sharing of the lessons learnt as well as collecting and documenting Standards of Operation and Maintenance Procedures in the Arab Region. In addition to exchanging experiences on the different utility reform initiatives that took place in the region to address the management inefficiency challenges and poor fiscal and operational performance which many utilities in the region suffer from. To this end, ACWUA obtained the necessary funding to launch and activate the Utilities Management (UM) and the Utilities Reform (UR) TWGs from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

This session will present the project objectives, working progress up to date and describe final products and deliverables. Then it will bring members from both TWGs to present case studies from their countries and speak about their experience and impressions in engaging in such one of a kind initiative in the Arab region to produce Best Practices guides in utilities management and utilities reform.

Start: September 1, 2013
End: September 6, 2013
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