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ACWUA’s 4th Best Practices Conference

December 7, 2011 - December 8, 2011
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Water and Wastewater Utilities Reform “Changes and Challenges”
Some of the water and wastewater utilities in the Arab region have been going through various reforms and restructuring initiatives to improve operational performance, extend services, and advance management systems.  The debate question is: how much does the shape and structure of the utility affect its management performance?  Utilities ownership, private sector participation, public-private partnerships, public-public partnerships, commercialization, and utility competiveness are some of the debated structures under utility reform initiatives.
The reform debate extended beyond shapes and structures to address business practices including autonomy, recovery of costs, corporate governance, and performance management; ACWUA will cease the opportunity through its Best Practices conferences platform and employ the topic of utilities reform in the 4th Best Practices Conference.


Conference Theme and Topics
This year focus area will be Water and Wastewater Utilities Reform: Changes and Challenge
Conference key themes:

1.   The paradigm shift in managing water utilities
2.   Challenges prohibiting a successful utility reform
3.   Capacity building in water utilities reform
4.   Best practices in water utilities reform

Start: December 7, 2011
End: December 8, 2011
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