Regulatory Framework and Strengthening National Standards for Wastewater Discharge

Date: March 2014-November 2015


this project is to update the inventory for sources of trade effluents in Jordan and facilitate dialogue workshop between the Dialogue Partners with the overall objective at establishing a clear and predictable regulatory framework to foster efficiency and professionalism for discharge standards in the wastewater sector.

Objectives and results of the action:

The overall objective is to strengthen standards for wastewater discharged from industries (JS 202/2007), in particular with respect to Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), heavy metals, and other toxic organic materials; and to improve the regulation related to discharging industrial effluents in the domestic sewer network (trade effluent) to protect workers, the public and the sewer systems and treatment plants.

Having proper regulations and standards, qualified inspectors, inspection and monitoring schemes are of utmost importance. In its efforts to address water scarcity, Jordan has progressed in recycling and reusing water. The safe reuse of treated wastewater in agriculture is encouraged in order to achieve a more balanced distribution of the country’s extremely limited water resources. To that end, proper monitoring and accountability mechanisms should be put in place by strengthening legislation and regulations. At the same time, further efforts should be made to raise awareness of the benefits of wastewater reuse among farmers and the general public by conducting efficient targeted policy dialogue with decision makers, stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries.

ACWUA will facilitate and contribute to the ongoing policy dialogue among relevant stakeholders. Project team will be responsible for: (i) the quality of the analytical inputs; (ii) sound management and guidance of the dialogue process; (iii) supporting the participants; and, (iv) ensuring progress towards well-defined solutions.

The project will entail the following activities:

1. Develop an Inventory for Trade Effluents in Jordan

2. Review the existing regulatory and institutional framework for trade effluent in Jordan

3. Conduct Policy Dialogue Workshop




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