Beirut & Mount Lebanon Water Establishment

Every water and sanitation establishment within its scope exploitation and competence the following activities: a-     Study, implementation, investment, maintenance and renewal of water projects for the distribution of drinking water ...

Telephone+961 1-386 760/1/2
Bekaa Water Establishment

The Bekaa Water Establishment currently provides water supply services to an estimated population of 525,066 people, and limited irrigation services in the areas of Yammouneh and Deir Al Ahmar. The population officially registered as customers of the Esta ...

Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association - BORDA

BORDA e.V. (BORDA Overseas Research & Development Association) is a German nongovernmental organisation, headquartered in Bremen with regional offices in Tanzania, India, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Mexico. With a network of local partner organisations, we ...

Telephone+49.421.40 89 52 – 0