Date: Nov 2012- June 2015


The Regional Initiative for Establishing a Mechanism for Improved Monitoring and Reporting on Access to Water Supply and Sanitation Services in the Arab Region (MDG+ Initiative) is the outcome of a series of resolutions adopted by the Arab Ministerial Water Council requesting ESCWA to lead the establishment of this mechanism in consultation and coordination with an Advisory Board comprised of representatives from ESCWA, the League of Arab States, ACWUA, CEDARE, AWC and RAED. The World Health Organization was also consulted during the development and implementation of the initiative.

Objectives and results of the action

The direct objective of the project is to establish and institutionalize a regional mechanism for monitoring and reporting on access to water supply and sanitation services in the Arab region based on the regional context in view of developing a knowledge platform that provides reliable data, information and analysis regarding the quantity and quality of access to water supply and sanitation services in the Arab region. The information generated and disseminated from this platform will serve as a basis for informed decision-making on the needs, priorities and targets to realize the human right to water and sanitation in the Arab region. The project will also serve to inform national, regional and international policy dialogue and planning discussions on the adoption of regionally sensitive approaches for framing development targets in a post-MDG environment. The overall development objective of the project can thus be formulated as follows: by 2015, water and sanitation policy in the Arab region is informed by reliable data, information and analysis based on a set of region-specific indicators endorsed by Arab Governments.

  • Expected Accomplishments

The project intends to achieve the above direct and development objectives through the following expected accomplishments:

A. Enhanced regional and national monitoring capacity.

B. Established regional data management platform.

C. Institutionalized regional monitoring.

D. Strengthened regional dialogue.

  • Outputs

Release of two regional monitoring reports on the MDG+. Eight project progress reports on the MDG+ Initiative. Institutionalization of National Monitoring Teams and a regional data management platform. Establishment of an MDG+ Unit. Issuance of six meeting reports. Launching of a web site.


Arab Countries.


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