MENA Water Summit


The MENA Water Summit will be held under the patronage of ‘Ministry of Electricity and Water – Kuwait’ and will focus on developing effective plans establishing advanced water management techniques to cope up with Kuwait’s 2035 vision and current water situation in the MENA region to ensure water security and sustainability for all. With an increasing demand for water owing to the growing population and incessant urbanization, water authorities and utility companies will need to augment their supply sources, discuss regulatory frameworks, innovative financing models and water treatment options as well as manage water demand with advanced technologies to address water security challenges of the 21st century.

Kuwait is shifting to innovative Water treatment and renewable desalination technology, as more than 95% of potable water comes from desalination – an energy-intensive technology burning fuels for drinking water and treatment of wastewater for domestic and irrigation purposes.

The MENA Water Summit features interactive discussions on policies and actionable ideas, which utilities can adapt to meet their commitment towards fostering innovative solutions and sustainable water management. it will also provide the opportunity to share success stories and explore ways in which we can collectively respond to challenges.

The Summit will bring together water and municipal authorities, regulators, sustainability leaders, international NGOs, water consultants, water and wastewater construction companies, academia, water management experts and solution providers who will discuss various strategies to encourage sustainability of water management and implementation of water stewardship standards. the Summit will offer unparalleled opportunities to network with peers and explore new products, technologies, and services.

The Summit will be inaugurated by ‘Mohammed Boshhari, Under Secretary – Ministry of Electricity & Water’.

Key Highlights of the MENA Water Summit:

  • Bridging ‘Water Gap’ with innovations and Urban Water System
  • Meeting targets for the SDGs with Water Management Strategies
  • Reflecting on policies and practical cases applied to Water Governance
  • Exploring opportunities in Multi-Purpose Water Infrastructure
  • Rethinking design and delivery of Urban Water Systems
  • Upgrading to Energy Efficient Desalination process
  • Exploring Sustainable Solutions in Wastewater Treatment and Recycling
  • Next-gen Water Management with Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and more
  • Leveraging science and technology to meet Water Stewardship Standards