Middle East Water Forum (MEWF)

Middle East Water Forum (MEWF)

The MEWF Forum Provides the following Services

  • Provide subscribers with technological innovation and trending for water and sanitation regardless of political boundaries and barriers.
  • Help Utilities, water experts and students with technical solutions for water
  • problems through professional chatting with regional and international experts.
  • Exchange technical input from all experts on regional water-related issues
  • Raise awareness of common regional issues and exchange of information.
  • Introduce Companies expertise and skills to Clients in the Middle East through professional technical advertisement.
  • Strengthening capacity of young water professionals through online training modules.
  • Provide experts, students organizations and companies working in the region with the latest water and sanitation news, studies and research.
  • Assist water utilities in financing their projects through our banking network.
  • The forum will act as a real water database for all stakeholders.
  • Organization of Regional and Local Water workshops for all water-related fields in cooperation and coordination with regional and international agencies.


  1. Dissemination of innovation trends in water, in addition to water issues of regional interest, and serving as a regional information center for Middle Eastern countries, especially Arab countries
  2.  Facilitate and encourage online dialogues between water service workers, companies and experts and work together to find innovative water resources management solutions
  3. Strengthening services through long-term planning for water and sanitation projects from a sustainable perspective.
  4. To act as a center for training and education by integrating the multidimensional aspects of water, in order to qualify experts and leaders of the water sectors to have knowledgeable and experienced so that they can manage the water sectors in an efficient and sustainable way by using the best expertise and techniques provided by the Forum
  5. Providing communication, technical discussions and data exchange through this platform with in-depth insights on regional information, and different aspects.
  6. Keeping abreast of recent studies and specialized plans for NEXUS (water, energy, food) in line with the climatic changes.


A pioneer platform with a regional perspective on raising public awareness and enhancing management of water challenges in the Middle East by adopting Effectiveness, Efficiency, Integration and Sustainability through the exchange of data, expertise and innovative technologies without the need to cross borders.


To promote best practices for cooperation and exchange of knowledge among the various parties and stakeholders involved in water issues and actions through an online forum that ensures the impartial and transparent dissemination of information towards sustainable water security in the Middle East and the Arab region.

Contact Details

Jordan Office 

Chairman and Founder

Dr Hazim El-Naser

P.O. Box. 414,  Al Fuheis

19152 Jordan

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Online Platform: www.mewf.de

Mob.: +962 7 9551 9302

German Office 

Berliner Str 12

10587-Berin, Germany

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +493083109089

Fax: +493083109022