Specialized Training Program for GIS Operators Workflow

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Course Outline – (65 hours)

  • The basics of GIS
  • Understanding and integrating GIS data
  • The importance of coordinate systems
  • Acquiring and selecting GIS data
  • Interacting with a map
  • Working with tabular data &Methods for sharing geographic data
  • Managing map layers
  • Displaying and working with data
  • Creating and editing data
  • Design map layout and labeling feature
  • Introduction about Customers Services Department
  • GIS software features and capabilities for the water sector
  • Locating geographical locations for subscribers using the GIS program
  • Building a geographic database for customer services using GIS tools
  • Using GIS in customers data services
  • Using GIS in water and wastewater sector
  • Using GIS in the water operation management
  • Maps production and reporting services to manage the customers using GIS
  • Examples of GIS applications used in Customers Services Management