ACWUA Vision

Global center of excellence for water and wastewater management and knowhow.

ACWUA Mission

In partnership with the Arab water and wastewater utilities, ACWUA will provide the necessary knowledge and tools for utilities to be a trusted, efficient and effective in providing safe, affordable water and wastewater services.

ACWUA Objectives

Develop, promote and disseminate publications and other knowledge products to meet the needs of members and other regional professionals.

  1. Bringing together active water experts and utilities in the Arab
  2. Representation and promotion of common technical, managerial, legal, scientific and economic interest of water utilities in the Arab region
  3. Dissemination and exchange of information on technologies and best practices in the water and sanitation
  4. Publication and updating the relevant water industry rules and standards of the
  5. Participation in the propagation of other relevant water industry standards
  6. Capacity development of water utilities staff members and other professionals in various water science and management
  7. Collaboration and exchange of expertise with other professional associations in water supply/ sanitation, environment and other relevant fields within and outside the Arab
  8. Collaboration with municipalities, city councils and water authorities as well as non-governmental and community based organizations on both national and international
  9. Conducting studies and provision of advice and consultation in water legislation, policies, and sector management and
  10. Providing performance monitoring and benchmarking of water
  11. Promote certification and accreditation among water and wastewater professionals and utilities respectively.