Improving Water and Sanitation Services in the MENA Region Program (IWSMR)

Date: October 2013 to September 2015


Funded by USAID, the IWSMR Program supported the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA) in the development and delivery of regionally recognized water and wastewater treatment plant operator certifications and utility twinning exchanges. While expanding the existing programs in Jordan and Egypt, IWSMR supported ACWUA in scaling up operator certification to member countries and Project Results.

Objectives and results of the action

Increased ACWUA capacity to carry out its mandate

  • ACWUA Strategic Business Plan for 2015- 2019 – Emphasizing operator certification approved by the board.
  • Certification Information System (CIS) – Customized software to efficiently plan training and maintain accurate records.
  • Capacity Development and Certification Unit – Established to implement current certification services and sustain delivery for future demand.
  • Responsibility Determination Request – A formal Finance Manual and Project Management Manual were created, as well as other improvements to ACWUA’s management and financial systems performed in hopes of receiving direct funding from USAID.

Scaled-up Regional Operator Certification and Training Program (ROCTP)

  • Interim Certification Platform – Adoption of the Jordanian certification process while harmonizing the Egypt and Jordan programs.
  • Certified Operators, Trainers, Course and Test Developers – 249 total certified personnel from 8 countries passing pilot courses in Wastewater Treatment, Water Distribution, Utility Management, Pump O&M, Training of Trainers, Instructional Systems Development and Certification Information Systems (out of 249 trainees, IWSMR has trained 61 females representing a 24% average of all trainees).
  • Training Impact Assessment (TIA) – Tracking and reporting performance improvement at participating pilot utilities to validate ROCTP.
  • ROCTP Roll-out Plan – Projected demand from countries already enrolled in ROCTP and new countries that have requested ROCTP pilots.

Improved performance of regional utilities through knowledge exchanges

Utility Twinning – Facilitation of 2 twinning exchanges both local and regional. Serving as a mentor utility, Aqaba Water Company has lead interventions with Beirut & Mount Lebanon Water Establishment on Non-revenue water and information technology and with the Water Authority of Jordan/Salt Utility on Management Maintenance Systems, i.e. improving the Call Center for achieve improved service delivery. ACWUA now has a Twinning Manual to be used for planning 10 future twinning arrangements for utilities throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).


MENA Region (including Lebanon).


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