What is Certification

Certification is a way to invest in training that meets International Standards and helps ensure that water and wastewater systems perform well and provide the quality services that help us stay healthy and safe.

This program prepares utilities managers and operators of water/wastewater treatment plants, distribution and collection systems to earn certification, operate more effectively, protecting the environment and infrastructure investment.

People earn certification when they meet requirements for:

    • Education
    • Experience
    • Examination - or testing to demonstrate knowledge

Certification Benefits

  • To the Individual To the UtilityTo the Country and
    - Recognition - Proven return on
    training investment
    - Good value for the money
    - Job Opportunity - Improved operations
    - Service you can trust
    - Achievement - Motivated staff - Health and Safety
    - Bright Future - Image - commitment to excellence - Economic improvement
    - Know what you are doing and why  
    - International Support







Jordanian Resources


Jordanian agencies are developing their capability to manage and administer the certification program:

  • Training Programs
  • Testing
  • Awarding Certificates
  • Record-keeping


  • Water Treatment Plant Operation
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation
  • Water Distribution
  • Wastewater Collection
  • Utility Management

Overview on ACWUA Water Operators Certifation Program - Download here

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