Water Integrity Near East


Date: November 2014 to December 2015


Project activities aim to develop instruments and advocate quality standards to enhance the technical and commercial performance of water and wastewater utilities, and to test and promote their application in water utilities through a blend of regional dialogue, training and networking.

Objectives and results of the action:

  • Development of a regional pool of WI trainers/experts under the umbrella of ACWUA (activities include: TOT workshops, study tours, customizing of training material, advise by experts https://menhealthcare.net/klonopin/ from GIZ/WIN secretariat)
  • Conducting WI analysis and developing WI-plans at utility level in selected water agencies/companies in the MENA region
  • Support to implement priority actions in selected utilities in Jordan and Egypt.


  • Egypt (3 companies of the HCWW: Luxor, Gharbia, Aatrouh)
  • Jordan (Miyahuna, Aqaba Water and WAJ)

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